How to set WiFi password in BSNL Broadband UTStarcom router?

  1. Open a browser, type in address bar and hit enter.
  2. A popup will show. Enter Username/Password as admin/admin
  3. Now you will be in Router Configuration page.
  4. In the left side menu, click on ‘Wireless’. In the sub-menu click on ‘Security’.
  5. Provide the following values:-
    • Network Authentication: Open
    • WEP Encryption: Enabled
    • Encryption Strength: 64bit
    • Current Network Key: 1
    • Network Key 1: <Enter ur WiFi password here. Five digit number will be sufficient>
  6. Click on Save/Apply. Close the browser. Now your BSNL Wireless Router is password protected.

BSNL BB conf

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